Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cosm Android Widget

The widget for Android is a great way to access your hot tub pH, temperature, and ORP from your Cosm account on your smart phone, wherever you are.  It is still called the Pachube (old name for widget and its free from the Android market place.  This widget is the best I have found so far.  There are other apps, but they are not quite as polished, freezing on occasion.  Hubcape is a great app in the iTunes market place.  Here is a simple instruction guide for setting up the Android widget.

Download and install the widget on your Android device:  Pachube Widget

Enter you Feed ID, Datastream ID, username, and password from your account.

That is it!  Now you have real time access to the water quality in your hot tub or pool.   It's that easy.

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