SpaSitterTM 2.0 

Pool Monitor, Hot Tub Monitor, Aquarium Monitor to

Nanode (Arduino with Internet Connection) Classic with Opti Boot 

The Nanode, developed in the UK by Ken Boak in cooperation with the London Hackspace
Code adapted from 
Authors: Trystan Lea, Glyn Hudson and Francois Hug
Part of the: project
Licenced under GNU GPL V3

Step 1

Assemble your Nanode 5 with an Opti Boot Loader  (pre-assembled boards are available when requested)


Nanode RF with no RF module 

Step 2

Build a temperature shield with the water proof DS18B20. Use digital pin 8 on the Nanode as the one wire input pin.

Breadboard schematic of DS18B20

Simple DS18B20 shield with water proof probe

Step 3

Solder the Phidget 1130 pH and or ORP boards to the Nanode board.  Red is 5V, black is ground, and white is the analog input.

Analog Pin 0 is the pH probe input, analog Pin 5 is the ORP probe. 

Both pH and ORP boards from Phidget are attached to the Nanode

Connect the pH and/or ORP probe and select the correct setting on the indicator switch of the Phidget 1130 board.

All sensors attached to the board: Temp, pH, and ORP

Step 4

Now its time to put it all together.  Setup a account.  Here is a great tutorial at Adafruit Learning System.

Download the Arduino IDE software:

Download the sketch for the Nanode at github:
* Code adapted from the  authors Trystan Lea and Glyn Hudson
** Note, you need an FTDI cable for uploading the sketch to the Nanode

Add your feed ID and API key to the part of the sketch below: 

Step 5

Upload the sketch to the Nanode with a FTDI cable.   Run an Ethernet cable and power supply out to your  hot tub, pool or other water body and put it all in a water proof project box.   Have fun with your new SpaSitterTM.   Setup email or text message alerts to notify you when the conditions of your water need attention.  Add the widget to your smart phone for easy access to your SpaSitter. 

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